Created in 2008, Admix Web is a blog dedicated to providing information useful for developers, designers, and everything related to a project or product. At first, only web design and development topics were covered. However, as time has passed, articles related to business and information technology, in general, have been added.

Behind admixweb

My name is Teylor Feliz. I am from Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic and I have been living in Louisiana for several years. I have over 20 years of experience with the opportunity of wearing different hats during my career, from software developer, web developer (full-stack), web designer, product owner, data analyst, database administrator, etc. I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Prior to that, I was studying computer science and informatics in the Dominican Republic. Also, I have a master’s in Information and Communication Technology for the University of Dever with a concentration in Web Design and Development and an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems from Emporia State University.