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MaxiBlocks Review – It Could Be a Game Changer

I have used a lot of page builders and I even started against most of them because of the amount of unnecessary stuff that they loaded to work. However, that has changed and improved drastically. The only issue is that the compatibility among those page builders was very low. That is the reason I think that having Gutenberg as north and building around it is more future-proof and recommended for any WordPress site from now on.

Should We Replace JavaScript?

JavaScript enjoys a very active community that keeps pushing the boundaries of what can be done with JavaScript. Moreover, JavaScript has grown to be a top language even though it was born in the browser to make dynamic pages and was considered a toy language for a long time.

Microsoft Edge is Now My Favorite Browser

Microsoft started using Blink a while back and has enhanced its browsers with cool features. With all the common features included in the Blink browser engines, to me, Edge has become like Chrome++ in the sense that it has all the features I need from Chrome and more.

Usability and Accessibility

Even today, some people confuse the terms usability and accessibility. Others might think that having a usable website is accessible by default. But, there are differences in the terms usability and accessibility that need to be understood.