20 Sites for Free and Beautiful Images and Videos

One of the daily struggles for designers is finding the perfect image that they can use in their designs, articles, and provide to clients. If the designer is already working at a discount for a friend or a very small company, it is not feasible to buy photos online because their prices are very high. Also, we should not google for images and use them freely because those images are already copyrighted and can get you in big trouble. Here are some of the popular websites that provide images for free that you can include in your design without worrying about copyright issues.



Probably the most popular photo website for downloading free images. All the photos can be downloaded and use for free. There are no attribute requirements but it is always good to demonstrate appreciation to the photographer whenever is possible.


PikWizard has images and videos that are being used for free without attribution. Make sure that you click on the images and videos that are not premium but the majority of the images are free.


Not a large collection but there are images that you would like to use in your projects. For more information, check on the photo license page.


One of the great free stock photos services because of the quality of the images and videos provided. I would suggest visiting the license page to know what you can and cannot do with the downloaded resources.


A useful list of photos organized into about 100 categories going from Gym to Business and everything in between. All photos have the Creative Commons license.


Great collection of images, illustrations, vectors, and other resources for design in general. 


Over 4,000 free stocks photos and other resources to use in your designs. A good feature is that some images are organized into collections so you are able to get images that are similar or have the same theme for your designs.


List of images taken by the photographer Martin Vorel and provided for free to use in commercial and personal projects.


Isorepublic provides thousand of photos and videos that can be used in your next project. They are organized into collections and categories.


SplitShire has videos and images for use in websites, t-shirts, canvas, book covers, tv shows, etc. No attribution is required.


As the name implies, it is a large repository of images related to food. Beautiful images that I will be using some of the images for a client soon!


Thousands of images are organized by categories. One feature that makes this website unique is that the images also list the colors palette on their details page.

Life of Pix

All images can be used with no attribution. New images are added weekly by dozen of photographers.

Startup Stock Photos

As the name indicates, these are photos created for startup companies, websites, and ads. These photos are usually used in templates, landing pages, and ads for startups.

New Old Stock

Old photos were gathered from public archives. 

Jay Mantri

Photographs were taken by Jay Mantri which are free for use in any project.

Travel of Coffee Book

This is more a website about free travel photography. The images are from all around the world and you are encouraged to submit your pictures if you would like to share.


Beautiful image collection organized in over twenty categories including business, architecture, objects, and food.


Collection of professional stock photos that can be used for personal and commercial projects. The only requirement is that redistribution is not allowed.

Free Nature Stock

Hundreds of free nature stock photos and videos for commercial and personal use.

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