30+ Sites to Promote and Submit Your Articles

Most design and development bloggers post their articles in the more famous websites that accept community news, such as Digg, Reddit, DZone, Design Bump, Stumbleupon, Design Float and The Web Blend, but there are so many other sites out there to help promote your articles. In this post, I am listing 30+ websites where you can promote your design and development articles. Even though these websites my not be as well-known as the ones I just mentioned, most have a strong diverse viewing group, which can help to bring unique viewers to your site on a regular basis, as well as increasing the number of incoming links. Moreover, posting your news in the smaller sites tends to increase collaboration and networking because the people behind these smaller sites are more personal and want you to help them, as much as they want to help you. I hope you find this list of community news submission sites that fly under the radar useful! Feel free to add some additional community news sites in the comments section. Enjoy!

Sites to Post Community News

Area 1
Art Fan Design
Color Burned
Crazy Leaf Design
Cre8ive Commando
CSS Leak
CSS Reflex
CSS Style
Design Dazzling
Design Follow
Design Juices
Design Your Way
Desizn Tech
Graphic Design Links
Graphic Rating
Inspired Bit
PSD Learning
Scarlet Bits
Skillz Community
Smashing Post
Top Round Ups
Tripwire Magazine
Visual Swirl
Web and Designers
Web Design News
Web Developer Juice
WP Arena

Teylor Feliz
Teylor Feliz

Teylor is a seasoned generalist that enjoys learning new things. He has over 20 years of experience wearing different hats that include software engineer, UX designer, full-stack developer, web designer, data analyst, database administrator, and others. He is the founder of Haketi, a small firm that provides services in design, development, and consulting.

Over the last ten years, he has taught hundreds of students at an undergraduate and graduate levels. He loves teaching and mentoring new designers and developers to navigate the rapid changing field of UX design and engineering.

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