Design Systems Tutorial by Figma

As Figma has become a de facto standard design tool aiming at UI/UX, and was acquired by Adobe a while back, everything indicates that this is the tool to learn and emigrate to in the near future.

Figma has a great YouTube channel that provides tutorials, news, and other resources about this design tool. Several days ago, Figma released a playlist on the foundations for building a design system with Figma that I highly recommend.

In case you are off the loop, a design system is an evolution from the traditional style guides, pattern libraries, UI kits, and design languages because it goes beyond the colors and font faces by concentrating also on reusable components that can be glued together to create new ones that could be part of web pages and web applications.

Design systems help with the planning before building because it makes designers and developers be on the same page and consider the goals of the organization overall. In addition, by planning the components, they can create them in a way that they are easier to update and adapt to new requirements. Finally, it serves as the only source of truth for the design of the applications of the organization and the reference for all designers or developers that get hired. This makes it easier for them to be productive because they don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”.

To have the fundamentals of creating design systems in Figma, my suggestion is the playlist created by Figma on how to create one:

Teylor Feliz
Teylor Feliz

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