30+ Beautiful Menus Examples

Spice up your site’s menu, and the world will take notice! An eye-catching and attractive, yet functional, the menu is so essential to making an exceptional website because it is one of the first objects a reader may notice when they enter your site, and it is the area of the site that receives the most frequent traffic. In my opinion, an outstanding menu must consist of three main design features: 1) it must be understandable and react to the mouseover, 2) it must be exceptionally eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, and 3) it must be clear, useful, and easy to function. Here are a few menus I consider amazing from around the world! Enjoy!


BC Children’s Hospital Foundation


Golden Pride Children’s Choir

Michele’s Freeminding


Under the Sun Garden Centers

OC Vision

Enjoying God Ministries


Kim Archer Workshops

Harbor Presbyterian Church

Bay Realty

Help Me Rent


The Lippincott

Deluge Studios



CSS Vault


Jiri Tvrdek

White House

Opera Mage




13 Creative

Portfolio de Guillaume Pacheco

The Idiotic Adventures of Philippe and Pierre



Jay Hafling

Max & Lou’s


Teylor Feliz
Teylor Feliz

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