Creating a Product Vision

The product vision needs to be created by the entire team because even though the product owner will be the person reminding the team about the vision and goals of the project, everybody needs to contribute and own the product vision.

Understanding SWOT Analysis

The SWOT framework helps to facilitate the discussion with stakeholders on what the business should put attention to, and what opportunities could be taken into consideration that will drive business growth.

How to Pass the Professional Scrum Product Owner I Exam

Even though, the test is your knowledge is about being a Product Owner using the Scrum guide, in reality, the Scrum guide is not enough for you to pass it. Therefore, you are required to find other sources that might help you complement your knowledge for being a good Product Owner using the Scrum framework.

The MoSCoW Prioritization Technique

Time to market is essential and projects usually have budget constraints which means that they cannot be developed for a long period of time without producing value to the customers or the company. Therefore, it is necessary to pick what must be created first.

What is a Product Roadmap?

The roadmap informs all stakeholders of the status of the product and what they should expect in the next months in terms of releases. Of course, this is a living document, and feedback from the users or reacting to the market might change the product roadmap.