Why Everyone Should Learn How to Code

There have been always a debate on whether or not people should learn how to code. In fact, there has been a campaign for a while suggesting that everybody should learn how to code. In my opinion, basic programming skills should be required for everybody because we will have a much well rounded professionals.

Basic programming skills are like Math in some ways. It teaches you how to think and how to solve problems. Most people complaint about Math, because they think that they never have to use Math skills in real life. However, they are completely wrong. Math is not for you to solve Math problems all day. Math teaches you how to think and how to solve everyday problems. The sames goes for coding.

Programming classes for everyone makes some programmers uncomfortable. They believe that their jobs could be on jeopardy. Everybody taking programming classes does not mean programmers are going to lose their jobs. Almost everyone takes literature in school. So, do you see everybody teaching Literature or writing books? No, that is just another subject that helps you to think and interpret what you read. Literature even helps you to organize your thoughts so you can communicate clearly. The sames goes to other subjects. Taking Math at school does not mean that you will be a Mathematician. Taking History at school does not mean that you will be a Historian. But, it definitely creates a better more well-rounded professional.

The earlier, the better

People should not wait until college to try learning how to code. At the college level, programming may look intimidating to people that never had contact with computers may quit the same day. However, if you let your children try to code, you will learn that they may enjoy and get good at it. Kids usually learn easier than adults when it comes to technology related subjects.

It could be fun

There are tons of books that help teenagers and kids to create games. Also, there are tools like Scratch from MIT that students can create animations, stories, and games. I recommend for you to let your children learn to use this tool. It is free, and it is fun!

Teylor Feliz
Teylor Feliz

Teylor is a seasoned generalist that enjoys learning new things. He has over 20 years of experience wearing different hats that include software engineer, UX designer, full-stack developer, web designer, data analyst, database administrator, and others. He is the founder of Haketi, a small firm that provides services in design, development, and consulting.

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