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Adobe XD is Dead, Figma Killed It

Adobe XD was an answer to the rapid development and growth of Sketch in the early 2010s. At one point, Sketch was the de facto standard for everything designers did for UI and UX design in the first half of the last decade.

Pros and Cons Using WordPress

In most cases, I would recommend WordPress to my clients because it gives them control over their content. However, the time has passed and there are alternatives that could be considered when creating a new website.

Avoiding Marketing Myopia in Web Design Agencies

Web design agencies need to rethink their customers and evolve so they can survive. As mentioned previously, it needs to avoid the myopia of thinking in terms of web design but in terms of satisfying the customers. Studying what the potential customers want and how to satisfy their needs.

Task Models in UX

You can use any approach of creating tasks models from just mentioning the personas and creating bullet points with the tasks required to accomplish the goal to a more detailed explanation of feelings, behaviors, and illustrations needed to communicate better the flow that users take.

Understand your Users by Using Personas

The first benefit is that we are going to know and understand the needs of our users. Also, it allows us to communicate within the team when discussing features because we can talk about whether a feature could affect or benefit a particular persona.